Handmade Patinated, Oxidized Copper Pipe Jewelry, San Diego, Necklace of Copper Pipe Patinated with Tiffany Green Verdigris Patina, hung on copper chain with handmade Looped Hook Clasp.  

Item: N0189

This fun necklace is part of my new "PIPELINE" -- This copper pipe elbow is patinated by hand in beautiful Tiffany Green Verdigris Patina, then slid onto a Copper Chain that is finished with my Signature Handcrafted Copper “Looped Hook” Clasp. See side view of handcrafted Copper Pipeline slider. Necklace pictured here is on a 18" Copper Chain. Each slider is hand patinated, so color & pattern will vary.


Price $67.00
on 18" Copper Chain