If you want to know what goes into "Handcrafted Jewelry by San Diego Artist, Maureen King", please read on!!!

Jewelry making tools used by Jewelry Designer, Metalsmith & San Diego Artist Maureen King in Studio 35, Spanish Village Art Center.

All of my jewelry is designed and created by hand…by me. I don’t have people assembling my jewelry designs. I quality control each piece of jewelry personally as I make it. In addition, I handcraft all of my clasps. I have always made my own clasps. When I first began designing jewelry, it was a practical necessity…I couldn’t afford nice clasps and I refused to use cheap ones on my jewelry designs. It is still a necessity, only now a personal one. I need each piece of my handcrafted jewelry to have a handcrafted clasp, a final labor of love...my signature, if you will.

The same technique used on my clasps is used to make many of my necklace, bracelet and earring components, such as my spirals. I use round wire, pliers, my fingers, a hammer & an anvil. I do not mass produce or cast either my clasps or these special elements.

The only metals I use in my jewelry designs are sterling silver, copper and brass. This includes all wire, sheet, and metal beads. All my earring wires are either sterling silver or Niobium wire. Both are hypoallergenic. I never use silver or gold tone base metal or craft wire when making my jewelry.

The stringing materials I use for my jewelry designs are “softflex” and “softtouch” which are products made of stainless steel (for strength) coated with nylon (for softness and flexibility).

When I describe a piece of jewelry as one-of-a-kind, it means it can’t be duplicated exactly. "Limited edition" jewelry pieces mean a few duplicates can be made. “Similar Designs” mean that a similar piece of jewelry can be made with some variation in bead shapes (especially accent beads) and pattern. If you want to order a jewelry piece that has been marked SOLD, please email me with your request. I will try to work up a new jewelry design, when possible and email a picture to you for approval.

I offer free alterations (up to a few inches) on most of my single strand jewelry pieces. Multistrand jewelry alterations are available at an additional charge.

If you like a particular design, but would like some "customizing", like a different color crystal, just email me. I try to accommodate special requests when possible!